F & N offers before school and afterschool care during school term time.


Our hours are 7am till 9am and 3pm till 6pm.



After school

After collecting your child from school we walk them back to our childcare location at Jay's Greens which is less than a 5 minute walk away.  


We offer a fantastic Homework Club where we sit down and assist your child with their assigned homework. We also bring to your attention any items of concern regarding their learning and development.


After the Homework Club we offer a range of healthy filling meals for your child which caters to all dietary needs and/or allergies, cooked fresh by our team in our onsite kitchen with a tasty dessert.


We offer your child plenty to do with our dress up area, multiple toys and games. As well as fun educational activities and story time.


Pick up time is at 6pm or earlier if pre-arranged








All prices are displayed below


Per hour morning and evening without a meal is:


  • £4.50 an hour


With a meal we are currently offering


  • £10 for breakfast session
  • £15 for afternoon session


We also offer an extra 10% off for each additional sibling too!


Please feel free to contact us about the available government support including childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare.

We open our doors at 7am


After dropping off your child we offer a full and nutritious breakfast which caters to all dietary needs and/or allergies, cooked fresh by our team in our onsite kitchen to get them roaring for the school day ahead!


We offer fun filled dancing classes to get them to boogie and get that brain active as well as other fun activities. We also have our free play area in which the children can enjoy various toys and games.


After everyone has collected their belongings it's off to school which is located a 5 minute walk away using our walking bus to which your child would be placed in their class safe and sound.


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